We Passed by and You Were Not There is a selection of images from a box of snapshot observations and memories collected in and out of Beirut between 2008 and 2011. Re-sorting the images ten years later revives an underlying feeling of fragility, in anticipation of a doomed situation.


offset prints, 70x50 cm, glued on walls or c-prints, 70x50 cm framed

August 2021

Redeem, Haus der Statistik, Berlin
A line-up of talks, films, music, readings and live performances.

Redeem رديم is a platform for ongoing conversations between voices from Beirut in Berlin and peers around the world. It acts upon a collaborative desire to amplify and deepen an already existing exchange between cultural workers who lived and worked in Lebanon before the country spiraled into its current economic and political void. Initiated by lebanese artist and filmmaker Siska