Someone's Mother is a series of re-invented digital images based on a studio photograph of an unknown girl, found in a private home in the Lebanese mountains in 2009. Through a formal reflection on the medium, the photographic subject breaks off from representation towards more abstracted twins and duplicates – dot.tiff, dot.jpg, dot.pdf. – without losing the ghostly trace of its origin.


C-prints and pigmented ink prints, framed. Various dimensions

Blue Corner, Yellow Shoes, 2016
pigmented ink print, 40x30 cm

Moving Forward With No Return 2016
C-print, 104 x 89 cm

Girl with Grid and a Red Corner, 2016
pigmented ink print on rice paper, framed 29x22 cm

Shoes, Socks and a pink Circle, 2016
pigmented ink print, framed dimensions 104x79 cm

High Noon, 2016
C-print, framed, 104x79 cm

Fake Grids and Transparencies, 2016
C-print, unframed dimensions 100x70 cm